You Can count on the Boys & Girls Club for Childcare through the Pandemic

Tanya Hoxsie, C.E.O. of the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley, refused to close her company’s doors because she realized that the children of medical personnel and essential workers required childcare. She and her staff knew that Orange County needed them far more than ever before.

With so many children out of school at the beginning of the quarantine, the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley stood up to fill in the gap. Some parents with essential jobs, like medical staff, can’t leave their children unattended. Child supervision was paramount for essential workers throughout the entire pandemic.

The only Boys & Girls Club open in Orange County through the entire pandemic

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Do you need to go back to work but do not have anyone to watch the little ones? Why bother grandma to watch the kids when Tanya Hoxsie has got your back?

Hoxsie said that her Huntington Valley location remained open throughout the entire pandemic. She said that it was difficult being the only Boys & Girls Club in Orange County that did not close at all since March 13th. Although other locations opened their doors a few weeks after the quarentine started, Hoxsie and her staff are in their 12th week through the pandemic.

Protecting your children

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The staff follows various city guidelines. The children are separated based off age or grade in groups of ten. The children stay with same instructors all day. They predefine where children will sit in the room by removing all extra chairs that are not six-feet-apart.

The staff replaced activities like basketball and volleyball games due to a lack of single touch activites. Parents provided ready lunches for their children. Parents are not even allowed into the building. The only adults allowed inside of the building are the staff.

Temperatures are taken at the door to screen both parents and children. Staff ask pertinent COVID-19 questions to parents about the children. Hoxsie’s main concern is that the children and staff remain safe. Children rotate into different rooms such as the art room, education center, activity center to build and play different games, gym, and outdoor area. School age children can use Zoom to have schoolwork done with teachers.

“I felt like the last man standing, but clubs are here to do what the community needs, and what is right. Taking care of the kids is what we need to do,” Hoxie said, “The facilities are sanitized and the staff is the healthiest they have ever been.”

Heroes, solutions and expansion

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“The kids are heroes coming to the Club. The staff are also heroes because they are here everyday because they would make more on unemployment instead of coming to work. It is more expensive to be open,” Hoxsie said, “We lost more money each week by staying open than laying everyone off and leaving the lights off. We have lots of support from the community.”

The Boys & Girls Club prepares to serve the community as summer is around the corner. They are taking enrollment into their summer program which starts June 15th. The lunch program will be done by delivery with single serve containers through Golden West College in association with Caterina’s Club.

If you are in need of childcare please reach out the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley. Their phone number is (714) 531 -2582. Their address is 16582 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. If you know someone that might need childcare, please share the article with them.

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You Can count on the Boys & Girls Club for Childcare through the Pandemic