?️Winterize Your Car?️

Fountain Valley Tire & Auto specializes in repairs and customization from true mechanics. We checked in with them for the best ways to prep our cars for winter.

A dedicated member of the Fountain Valley community, FV Tire & Auto has supported music programs, sports programs and the Fountain Valley Car Show. We’re sure you’ve seen some of their sweet rides on the streets of Fountain Valley! Read below to learn how to winterize your car.


Check brake pads with an inspection at Fountain Valley Tire & Auto. Brake pads are good for about 25,000 to 60,000 miles and are about 12 millimeters when brand new and are suggested to be replaced around 3-4 millimeters.

Here are some signs you might notice that indicate a brake change is needed. Replace when your brakes stick or fail to release, drag, pull the car to one side, vibrate or make concerning noises.



Get your tire pressure and tread check at Fountain Valley Tire & Auto.

Tire pressure varies due to tire and vehicle types. You can test your pressure by locating the manufacturers recommendation either printed on the tires themselves, or a sticker placed on your vehicle, often in the door jamb.

Tire treads can be tested using a penny! Place a penny in the tread and if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head then your tread most likely needs to be replaced.


Check your wiper blades- Most blades have a life of one year. When you notice fraying or cracking replace them at Fountain Valley Tire & Auto.

Check wiper fluid – Make sure you’re topped off and switch to a cold temperature fluid if needed. (Luckily in sunny California most of us will be fine with regular fluid.)


Belts & Hoses

Cold weather can contract hoses and crack belts. Fountain Valley Tire & Auto can inspect all belts and hoses and determine if they need replacement.


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?️Winterize Your Car?️