Japanese Vs. Indian Curry

Did you know curry has a home other than India? WaShock has brought Japanese curry to Fountain Valley. WaShock has only been open a few months but already has the best curry and happy hour in town. There’s tons of free parking and the best part? Giant screen TV’s to enjoy a low-key evening.

WaShock’s Japanese curry.

In Japan curry is a popular dish with history back to 1870! While both curry’s are loved worldwide there are a few key differences distinguishing the two. Read below to find out!

?Japanese Curry?

Japanese curry has a few traditional base ingredients: onions, carrots, potatoes, meat & sauce. Japanese curry also is served # DIFFERENT WAYS! Curry rice, curry udon and curry bread (a curry filled pastry.)

WaShock – Fountain Valley.

?Indian Curry?

Indian curry’s base ingredients rely heavily on spices (turmeric, cumin, ginger, coriander and fresh or dried chilies.) Vegetable base for Indian curry is potatoes, corn, eggplant and gourd. Indian curry is also served wet or dry and over a bed of rice or used as a sauce to cover vegetables or meat.

Curry & Noodles @ WaShock.

Now keep calm and curry on! See you at WaShock.

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Japanese Vs. Indian Curry