Tyler Loong on the Pickleball court.

Top 3 Predictions for Pickleball – Q&A W/ Tyler Loong

Tyler Loong is a Pickleball pro and the host of the National Pickleball California Open. Named player to watch for by the USAPA, Experience FV managed to catch up with Tyler before the California Open tournament and get his top 5 predictions for the fastest growing sport in the world!


Exp FV: Will Pickleball players be able to support themselves with the sport on a pro level?

Tyler Loong: “The industry and pickleball is changing so fast. Every week and month there’s a new event, a new tournament, a new paddle company, clothing company, a new shoe company. Get a sponsor. What a lot of pros are doing now is getting outside sponsors to help with clothing and travel, and they have them match prize money. The opportunities are endless as to what you can do and make and get. This is an interesting and exciting time to be a part of the sport”


Exp FV: Will Pickleball become more regulated like tennis?

Tyler Loong: “Everything is uncharted territory right now. It’s the beginning. No one knows what’s going to happen with the sport. Pickleball is always changing, which is fun but also hard to plan and predict for because there’s so many changes.”


Exp FV: Will Pickleball become an Olympic sport?

Tyler Loong: “Yes! I think it will be an Olympic sport for sure. I don’t know the timeline. The issue with the Olympics is it needs to be worldwide and right now just the U.S.A. is big. Pickleball needs to be played in 40 or 50 different countries and have high participation. Give it another two to three years until its pretty big outside of the USA.”

Want a chance to play Tyler and help out the Red Cross? Bid on him for the Charity Pro-Am at the National Pickleball California Open, March 6-8 at Los Cab Sports Village.

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Top 3 Predictions for Pickleball - Q&A W/ Tyler Loong