Rumors are NOT true. Silky’s is NOT closing!

We’re so happy that Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant and Irish Pub has announced that they are NOT closing! We can finally share some details from our meeting with owner Bill Madden about the past, present and future of Orange County’s most rockin’ Irish pub.

“Despite the rumors that Silky Sullivan’s is closing, we are not going anywhere for as long as you will have us! Silky’s has been the heart of Fountain Valley for cheers and celebrations for over 35-years and plans to be here for many years to come,” Bill Madden said.

A developer has several proposed projects for our little corner of Fountain Valley.  The most optimistic time-table still puts the start of any of these projects several years in the future. Whatever is finally built will include a new Silky Sullivan’s as the cornerstone of the development.

In the mean time, Silky’s will always be the place where,

Everybody knows your name, And we’re always glad you came, You want to be where you can see, Our troubles are all the same, You want to be where everybody knows your name!

“Silky’s is not just a place on a map, Silky’s is a state of mind a feeling you are home with friends who care about you”.

– Owner Bill Madden

Photo of Bill Madden credit: ©ShellyCastellano/SCPIX

According to Silky Sullivan’s Facebook post even IF the land development plan goes through Silky’s will continue serving the community.

Experience FV wrote about their 35th anniversary we love helping businesses that give back to their community. Silky’s joined the Experience FV app in January 2020 and took the Movement Pledge to give back to Fountain Valley. Silky Sullivan’s has lot of memories anchored at it’s doors and is ready to create more moments while they’re ramping things up!

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Rumors are NOT true. Silky's is NOT closing!