This morning Michelle Steel, Orange County Supervisor, gave District 2 of Fountain Valley $900,000. The check came before tonight's city council meeting where the city's small business loan program was discussed. Fountain Valley has decided to exhaust the grant funds before initiating the loan program.

Orange County has opened up free Covid-19 testing to essential workers and persons who are asymptomatic but have had exposure and cannot receive a test from their doctor.

This past Friday Fountain Valley residents came out to cash mob Heavenly Vintage Nursery and Tio Flacos Tacos. Fountain Valley is home to many small businesses, neighborhood allies and small-town vibes. During Covid-19 small businesses are struggling and three women knew how they could help. Lynn Seeden, Fountain Valley Living Magazine, Anne Marie Jones, Fountain Valley small business owner

Tanya Hoxsie, C.E.O. of the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley, refused to close her company's doors because she realized that the children of medical personnel and essential workers required childcare.

These amazing people went above and beyond the average typical neighbor, and during COVID-19 the Fountain Valley community spirit has not stopped. We've gathered three stories from the community that show caring, kindness, and cash!

The Orange County Business Council and Orange County Health Agency conducted a three-day Zoom conference to educate businesses on what is required of them to open during Covid-19. Friday's conference focused on the restaurant industry and the industry specific orders, rules, guidelines and recommendations.

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