The language of music translates across the world and is a driving force of connection. Remember that one song you would always listen to over and over that made you feel alive? Millions of other people felt that way too! Musicians tell stories and you can learn how to tell your story with music at Let There Be Rock School. Learning how to play an instrument adds one more language to your self-expression and also makes you a hit at parties!

Let There Be Rock School in Fountain Valley is every musicians dream! If you ever wanted to be a rock star, join a band, record an album or play an instrument this is the place to come. Shower singers and car drummers welcome, the more air guitar the better! Am I the only one who plays air-sax? It's never too late to live your dreams and Let There Be Rock School can help you get over stage fears and the awkwardness of doing something new. Any style, any body any age, music is for life and Let