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Fountain Valley's Restaurant Week kicked off with a bang at the FV Food & Wine Festival Friday, Oct 4. Over 40 vendors served their finest wine and food at Freedom Hall to celebrate the beginning of Fountain Valley Restaurant Week. Peep the photos below and eat your way through Fountain Valley this week to help decide who the restaurant week winner will be! 1) Rocking entertainment Let There Be Rock Schools entertained the crowd with a variety of music starring their students. Let There Be Rock can turn ANYONE into a rock star, and the finale of bootcamp is playing

Fitbites owner Camelia walked away from 11-years in dentistry with a vision to create a perfect menu for food prep, catering and walk-in dining. Fitbites executes her vision of clean food that's never artificially colored or flavored, is non-GMO and locally sourced. Fitbites keeps the focus on fresh and relies on daily deliveries. Fill 'Er Up! At Fitbites EVERY ingredient can be combined! The menu took TWO years to conceptualize and execute to make sure taste buds stay satisfied. Fitbites uses olive oil only. You won't find butter, sugar or canned goods behind the counter, or freezers!

So what it is Pickleball? Fountain Valley is hosting a 1200-person Pickleball tournament on September 18-23 in Mile Square Park. ExperienceFV – CTY 611 has partnered with the USA Pickleball Association for their West Regional Tour as the official city tour guide for guests and locals! Check out the app for exclusive offers from the city’s best businesses! Pickleball has traditionally been under the radar. All that has changed as it gains traction across the United States. The sport stands out from its predecessors by offering inclusivity. Matches between 80-year-olds and 10-year-olds are the norm with every category in-between. Played using a paddle and a