Project Rotary Shield set up at Freedom Hall in Miles Square Park today for a weekend full of volunteers assembling face shields for healthcare workers. Project Rotary Shield and the Fountain Valley Rotary club, Rotary District 5320, are aiming to make 50,000 face shields to be donated to local hospitals. The project has spread across the states as well as internationally with volunteers in Tijuana assembling masks.

The language of music translates across the world and is a driving force of connection. Remember that one song you would always listen to over and over that made you feel alive? Millions of other people felt that way too! Musicians tell stories and you can learn how to tell your story with music at Let There Be Rock School. Learning how to play an instrument adds one more language to your self-expression and also makes you a hit at parties!

Flying in from the East Coast Gizmo looks warm in our Southern California sun. Ray's glare off the screen of my video messenger and when the picture clarifies all I see are cheeseburgers. So many cheeseburgers. Gizmo is a pickleball pro who rally's behind altruism to spread the sport that changed his life. With a laid-back vibe he dives deep into pickleball. His first words: "It was love at first sight." His second: "I have no experience."

Pizza D’Z has a HEART-SHAPED PIZZA! Sorry, couldn’t wait to get that out there. It’s true and it’s delicious! The mandatory internet search for innovative Valentine’s ideas has been going around, and us foodies at Experience FV thought why not ask our community. We’ve talked about Pizza D’Z before, naming it our favorite lunch spot, now we have another reason to rave! Giant heart pizza! Valentine’Z Day Pizza D’Z heart pizza is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Pizza pairs well with everything, you can’t go wrong! This heart pizza is served in a regular box and can be a really good surprise.