Everything You Need To Know About Chirashi (Box Of Jewels)


Sushi Koto has a long history in Orange County thanks to a master chef who goes by Frank. Known for his famous chirashi, which means “box of jewels” in Japanese, Sushi Koto definitely brings new meaning to “eat with your eyes.” Originally from Japan, Frank was sent to America by a restaurant company to open Koto Sushi, a dominant sushi chain that closed in 2004. Frank stayed in Fountain Valley to open up Sushi Koto and continue spreading the joy of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Soooo is this poke?

Chirashi and poke are close friends but not twins! Chirashi uses fish cut in a sashimi style and only uses the natural flavors of the sushi rice and fish. Poke is known to have many sides and toppings on it and the fish is cut into cubes.

Chirashi used to be eaten upside down!

Chirashi history begins in the Edo period (1600-1800s) during a time when governments were sanctioning foods and banning anything fanciful. Citizens would make chirashi as a special occasion dish and hide all the fish underneath the rice to hide the lavishness. When it was time to celebrate, they would flip over the dish and enjoy their chirashi. Today chirashi can be eaten however you like. Typically, one type of fish is eaten at a time with the rice, or you can mix it all together. Chopsticks optional. 

Where did this come from?

Translated into “box of jewels” or “scattered,” chirashi is a traditional Japanese meal that’s been served for centuries. Chirashi lore states that chirashi was an invention of practicality. The sushi revolution skyrocketed demand and chefs needed to find a way to use the leftover sashimi, in turn chirashi was born! Master chef Frank has perfected his art of chirashi over four decades! Learning the delicate balance of flavor and display has put Sushi Koto on top of the list for chirashi cuisine.


I’ll see you at the Sunday brunch buffet! $35 all you can eat appetizers, salads, sushi, sashimi, tempura, dessert & more!

                               Sushi Koto       –            18120 Brookhurst St Unit 25, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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Everything You Need To Know About Chirashi (Box Of Jewels)