Hot Pot All You Can Eat Buffet?! WITH WAGYU? Sha-BU-YAH!

Hot Pot All You Can Eat Buffet?! WITH WAGYU?    Sha-BU-YAH!

I’m just going to say it: Shabuya’s secret is a hot pot BUFFET! YES! A buffet! All you can eat, steaming hot and completely custom. You get to choose exactly what you want and continue eating…and eating…and eating.

Hi y’all, Cty611 – Experience FV food editor here! As a HUGE foodie and eater of all things I HAD to stop by Shabuya. Kept low on the radar- until now-I knew when I went in I had found a gem.

First, let’s talk typical. Typical hot pot has a server who presents you with meats and refills your bowl accordingly. Typical hot pot is a family style serving where you all dig in. Typical hot pot has a hot plate covering your whole table. (As a clumsy person this is my Achilles heel.) Good thing WERE NOT TALKING ABOUT TYPICAL HOT POT

Shabuya is anything but typical. Walk-in and see beer towers, mirrors, swanky decor and super friendly staff. Notice anything missing? Oh those giant grill tables aren’t here? Welcome to the future of hot pot.

🥘 Hot Pots For All

🥘Shabuya’s tables have an INDIVIDUAL conduction hot plate for EVERY PERSON. Kids, clumsy people and unprofessional chef’s all welcome! The minute you remove your bowl from the plate, the heat dies down. Super safe and easy to keep your eyes on the bowl.

🥘 Customization

🥘Shabuya serves everyone INDIVIDUALLY! No more fighting aunt Karen over whether to add onions or not. Get it your way every time.

🥘 All You Can Eat

🥘*BEST PART* Shabuya has an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-BUFFET! I know this is a lot right now but hear me out. There is a buffet for your hot pot. No more waiting on servers. No more wishing you had just a “dash” more jalapenos. Just get up, grab and stick it in your pot. Heaven.

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Hot Pot All You Can Eat Buffet?! WITH WAGYU? Sha-BU-YAH!