We tried Portuguese Egg Tarts… and we’re shook! 3 Reasons why you need one in your life!!!

So what is a Portuguese egg tart? You mean these cute flaky nuggets of joy!!!!!!!!!! Here is why you need one in your mouth STAT!!!!

1) Paderia Bakehouse in Fountain Valley is THE ONLY shop to make traditional Portuguese egg tarts in California! Which is not to be confused with a Chinese egg tart, Paderia ensures authenticity! We promise!

2) Paderia closes when they sell out of goods! Soooo if you want.... call in sick and call up the squad to fetch them up before they sell out for the day! P.S. we don't actually recommend calling out 😉 But the bakery is a totally cute date spot.

3) Fluffy pastry, real butter and a flan like texture with brulee on top....enough said! If you made it this far down the list you honestly deserve to reward yourself with one now!

Paderia Bakehouse 

18279 Brookhurst St Suite 1, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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We tried Portuguese Egg Tarts... and we're shook! 3 Reasons why you need one in your life!!!