Naugles Brings Back Nostalgia to Fountain Valley

The quest to revive Naugles, the Mexican fast-food chain from the 1970s and 1980s was not an easy one. The journey began in 2007 when OC blogger, Christian Ziebarth,  wrote an entry on his blog to petition Del Taco to bring back Naugles. Naugles chain merged with Del Taco in 1988 and in 1995 the last Naugles closed. The closing of Naugles left many fans with nostalgic memories of childhood visits and longing to revisit old past times at Naugles.

Ziebarth remembers visiting Naugles in his teenage years for the first time with his grandpa and enjoying a grape soda.

After receiving many comments on his entry, Ziebarth realized how much Naugules was missed by fans and the great demand there was for the classic Cheese Burrito!

After a few legal bump roads, sold out kitchen pop-ups, atest-kitchen, and community support, the rebirth of Naugles was successful!

Soon after, Ziebarth began his long quest to acquire the Naugles trademark from Del Taco. You can read more of his legal quest on his Occupy Naugles Blog, where he shares the following:

Simply put, my goals are:
Bring Naugles back
Bring the real Naugles food back
Bring it to as many people as possible
Be personally involved in all this

In 2015, Naugles permanently made its home in the City of Fountain Valley and opened its doors to its adored Naugles fans.

Today we celebrate and honor Naugels on #National Burrito Day!

Celebrate at Naugles by getting 10% off EVERY burrito on their menu. Open at Fountain Valley until 8pm.

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Naugles Brings Back Nostalgia to Fountain Valley