Ms. Senior San Diego Beauty Queen on Stage.

Kathleen The Beauty Queen: San Diego Sash Edition

We’ve met Kathleen Rockney before. You remember her from the Ms. Senior Orange County pageant. She’s the one wearing the crown!

Kathleen is an Orange County local from Fountain Valley and she’s back on stage and newly crowned as Ms. Senior San Diego. She is ending her reign as Ms. Senior Orange County on March 28 and will go on to compete in Ms. Senior California.

Kathleen gave us the scoop on her fiercest competitor, aspiring for Ms. Senior California and why YOU should strive for the sash as Ms. Senior Orange County.

Kathleen Rockney newly crowned as Ms. Senior San Diego.
Photo by Kahnoush Mokhbery

Becoming Ms. Senior San Diego

Experience FV: What was your favorite moment from competing for Ms. Senior San Diego?

Kathleen Rockney: “During my dance I had moments of such joy I was floating. They were going to see me having fun on that stage!”

Experience FV: Did you have any competitors you were worried about?

Kathleen Rockney: “My fiercest competitor was an amazing woman who granted herself permission to be a great dancer at the age of 65, and she is! She was great! As I looked at her and did an assessment with respect, I assessed her as being more talented and possibly with the assistance of other wonderful women who gave her good advice.”

Experience FV: Did you have any instincts about who was going to win?

Kathleen Rockney: “I knew I can only do me and that’s the best I can do. You don’t see your scores for each category so you only find out who wins at the very end. I had this feeling I got it but you don’t know until they call your name. When they called my name it was a ‘holy moly’ moment!”

This put’s Kathleen at two for two and going on to compete for Ms. Senior California. One pageant away from Ms. Senior America!

Kathleen Rockney becoming Ms. Senior San Diego.
Photo by Kahnoush Mokhbery

Aspiring Ms. Senior California

Kathleen is preparing for the upcoming Ms. Senior California pageant on June 21, 2020. If she wins this pageant she qualifies for Ms. Senior America and will compete in New Jersey. This competition is a big one! As she sips her caffeine-free, sugar-free coffee she leans in to divulge her training routine.

Experience FV: Can you tell us about your pageant plans for the upcoming Ms. Senior California competition?

Kathleen Rockney: “I’m in training. My dance choreography is set and is muscle memory now. I’m focused on being healthy and toning what I’ve already worked on. You can only do what you can do. The next four months I’m going to give myself joyful pressure without stressful pressure.”

Experience FV: If you win Ms. Senior California, you qualify for Ms. Senior America. What are you looking forward to with that title?

Kathleen Rockney: “If I become Ms. Senior California I would be so excited and honored. The thing that excites me with that title is who can I meet to help someone and do something else.”

Preliminary finalists for Ms. Senior California.

Why YOU Should Go For The Crown

Are you 60+, a U.S. citizen and resident of California? Do you want to share the stage with other beauty queens? Here’s your chance!

Kathleen will be crowning the winner of Ms. Senior Orange County on March 28 2020 at the Norman Murray Senior Center in Lake Forest. Kathleen encourages all senior women to enter the pageant and hopes to see you on stage!

Experience FV: What is the best reason for a senior woman to start pageantry?

Kathleen Rockney: “The sisterhood! There’s a fine line between looking at other candidates and feeling competition and judgment versus seeing as competition and sisters. I walked into this from the first moment of the first day wanting to find the sisterhood part.”

Experience FV: What’s your advice for women who might be intimidated by the talent portion of the competition?

Kathleen Rockney: “Talent can be any performing art or something you are good at. A lot of women do singing, dancing monologues, juggling, yoga, gymnastics and demos. You could make really cool watercolors and bring easels and explain what you’ve done. Maybe you do sculpture or play a musical instrument. Someone did travel photos and told travel stories. I’ve even seen a puppet show.

To get more information on the Ms. Senior California pageant and to view the four categories and descriptions as well as rules you can visit the Ms. Senior California website.

“In life in general, it’s all about sharing the spotlight. No one deserves to hog the spotlight. ”

Kathleen Rockney

If you want to share the spotlight with aspiring Ms. Senior America submit your application to the details below and take your chance at earning the crown! No experience or background is required and ALL self-identifying women may participate!

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Kathleen The Beauty Queen: San Diego Sash Edition