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Measure A Passed in Orange County

Measure A has been passed in Orange County. Measure A requires a 2/3 majority vote with a proposal to tax payers for approval to extend or increase taxes.

The full text of Measure A reads ” No Board of Supervisors sponsored proposal to impose, extend or increase a tax shall be presented at an election unless the ordinance or resolution proposing to impose, extend or increase such tax is approved by at least a two-thirds vote of the total members of the Board of Supervisors. As used in this section, the term “tax” shall mean both a “general tax” and a “special tax” as defined in Article XIIIC, Section 1, subdivisions (a) and (d), respectively, of the California Constitution. This section shall not apply to taxes proposed or levied pursuant to Government Code section 53311, et seq”

Measure A will impact taxpayers through strict approval processes and transparency. Taxpayers will be given proposals for upcoming tax changes and will require a super majority vote of 2/3 from the Board of Supervisors.

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Measure A Passed in Orange County