These 3 Amazing Acts of Kindness Happened Right Here in Fountain Valley!

These amazing people went above and beyond the average typical neighbor, and during Covid-19 the Fountain Valley community spirit has not stopped. We’ve gathered three stories from the community that show caring, kindness and cash!

1. The F.V. Cash Mob helped this business sell out!

For those who may not know, a cash mob is when the community comes together to show their support of a local business by making purchases.  Business owners are notified in advance and an agreed upon date is set for the cash mob. Then the community is notified when and where the cash mob will happen, and they are encouraged to participate.

According to the owners of Yong’s Donuts, “over 115 people signed up” for the Yong’s Donuts cash mob. The owners said they ran out of baked goods during the two-hour event. The owners said that the business was slow for about two months prior to the cash mob. They wish to express their gratitude and appreciation for all their customers that graciously supported them during the event.

2. The $1,000 Tip @ Paul’s Cafe!

One of our customers just left this as a tip for the waitress! She's the kind of gal that's going to share it with everybody that was there.

Posted by Paul's Coffee Shop on Sunday, May 17, 2020

At Paul’s Coffee Shop the lovely waitress Stephany got an unexpected surprise. She said that a young couple came in and placed an order. She served them, and they left. To her it was nothing out of the ordinary.

After the young couple left, the busboy showed Stephany the receipt from the couple. He showed Stephany that they left a $1,000 tip! She did not believe it and thought it was some sort of mistake, but by then the gracious young couple had already left Paul’s Coffee Shop. The waitress was so thankful that she shared the tip with her co-workers.

3. The Anonymous Big Tipper

A close up of a man’s hand holding a stack of $100 American bills via Envato Elements.

It’s in times of deep trouble when character rises to the surface and heroes emerge from the shadows of mediocrity. One such tale begins at the Cambalache Grill. Due to the coronavirus, several employees had to be let go, like most businesses.

A remarkable customer noticed the drop in employees. He knew that further action was needed. The big tipper “added an additional $1,000 to his takeout order as a donation to help staff and the restaurant,” said Razo owner of Cambalache Grill.

Experience FV asked how Cambalache Grill’s staff felt about the donation. Razo said that the staff felt grateful and the staff told Razo to use the money to pay whatever was necessary so Cambalache Grill can continue operations.

Razo wants to let the big tipper know that everyone at Cambalache Grill is grateful. She said that she wants God to continue to bless him and his family. She said that they will share those blessings just like he did.

Razo wants people to know that Chef Leo Razo and Chef de Cuisine Nelson Guevarra, have cooked over 32,000 meals for families in need, youth & homeless shelters and for first responders. She says that she is, “so blessed and grateful to our amazing community for all their support.”

Fountain Valley – Where the Heroes Are

These heartwarming acts of kindness are all thanks to local residents and entrepreneurs of Fountain Valley. With so many things going on in the news, it is great that so much love and support goes out to those with need in the community. To the big tipper, the gracious young couple, and those involved in the cash mob, we all thank you. Your acts of generosity and kindness are nothing short of inspirational.

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These 3 Amazing Acts of Kindness Happened Right Here in Fountain Valley!