Spoons : Low-Key The Best Night Spot in FV

Spoons serves up food in style inside the Aryes Hotel & Suites in Fountain Valley.

When you walk into the Ayre’s Hotel, you notice a very eloquent building with an exquisite design. A quaint and intriguing restaurant, Spoons Bar and Grill wants you to know anyone can dine here!

Spoons serves up a solid mix of appetizing foods and savory drinks that will make it a blueprint for events in Fountain Valley.  Throughout the year, their busiest time of business occurs during Happy Hour, which is between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Some of their most popular items include buffalo wings, chicken tenders and loaded nachos. But the crown jewel of their food menu, according to Rodriguez, is their Tequilla Chicken Penne.

PHOTO OF FOOD Pasta, chicken and sauce, along with sauteed vegetables on the side. 

Tony Rodriguez is the owner of the Spoons franchise in Fountain Valley, in addition to the restaurant in Santa Ana. He was a banker before he became a franchisee for Spoons 12- years ago. He recalled how he opened the Fountain Valley location. 

“I knew John from my other Spoons locations and he was the manager of the hotel next to me,” Rodriguez said. “So when they were looking for a restaurant to put in here, he thought about me. They went through a few restaurants and they decided to go with that.”

This Spoons location has dealt with its shares of trials since its opening. The business being located inside the Ayres hotel has also served as an obstacle.

“We get enough customers from the hotel but the biggest challenge is getting customers from outside,” said Rodriguez. “It’s because a lot of people don’t think to go to a hotel and have a meal. There’s a lot of restaurants that are out there so that’s the most challenging part for us.”

Despite those obstacles, Spoons has thrived. The restaurant actively engages in community events, such as events in the park. Spoons also generates revenue from large events, which take place in the Ayres Hotel a few times a year.

Rodriguez also noted that his Spoons has a good working relationship with the city of Fountain Valley.

“The city is very proactive helping the business,” Rodriguez said. “They have three events a year where they invite us to take part in food tastings, concert in the park. They’re a business friendly.”

Rodriguez attributes these events as a fundamental method of getting new customers to come in. He highlighted that they gave food away at events, so potential customers could get a taste of what Spoons offered.

“That’s how we have been able to generate regulars that are not guests,” he added. “We already have a few regulars that have come from being out there.”

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Spoons : Low-Key The Best Night Spot in FV