We Ate Everything @ Fitbites & Here’s What We Like Best

Fitbites owner Camelia walked away from 11-years in dentistry with a vision to create a perfect menu for food prep, catering and walk-in dining. Fitbites executes her vision of clean food that’s never artificially colored or flavored, is non-GMO and locally sourced. Fitbites keeps the focus on fresh and relies on daily deliveries.

Fill 'Er Up!

At Fitbites EVERY ingredient can be combined! The menu took TWO years to conceptualize and execute to make sure taste buds stay satisfied. Fitbites uses olive oil only. You won’t find butter, sugar or canned goods behind the counter, or freezers!

Best Dip

Let’s get straight to the good stuff – dips. The perfect way to top off a big healthy serving of anything is cheese! A top-seller and favorite of all cheese lovers is the ‘Mad Greek.’ Feta, orange zest, tomatoes and cayenne pepper punch up this dip that compliments any item at Fitbites. The crumbly texture spills out perfectly onto the rest of the ingredients and the orange zest tones and teases surrounding flavors. We want this dip Costco-sized! The runner-up is crushed olive hummus, eggplant dip and artichoke dip. What? It’s hard to choose just one! Other dips served are avocado hummus and guacamole.


Best Protein

Fitbites lamb was a hugeee fave and hands down the winner of our protein category. Braised lamb that’s been slow cooked for four-hours and delivered fresh daily from locally sourced farms….YES PLEASE! Fitbites also offers beef, chicken and roasted veggies.


Best Carb

Choices! Couscous, cilantro white rice and cilantro brown rice are all carbs you can order at Fitbites, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. The standout option is the couscous. Prepared delicately with a Moroccan recipe, this couscous is light, fluffy and has the perfect amount of flavor.

Best Green

ARUGULA! OMG! The arugula is sooo fresh and crispy. Paired with couscous, the arugula really shined through on the back end with its pungent peppery flavor. If you’re not as hyped as I am about arugula, Fitbites also has spinach, mixed greens and baby kale. 

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Best Dressing

The last step in completing your build is the dressing. This is a hard choice because each Fitbites dressing is unique and flavorful. After much deliberation the winner is yogurt mint. Sound weird? Just one taste and you’ll  be a believer. The creamy yogurt mixed with menthe brings out the flavors in pretty much everything. The mint is light, leaving room for the subtleties of the yogurt to balance strong Mediterranean notes like olives. Because we’re obsessed with sauces, we ended up using almost all of them. Not pictured but equally delicious options are the extremely close runner-up lemon garlic tahini, spicy curry, Greek, honey vinaigrette, olive oil and oregano. 


Fitbites Grill  –  9965 Ellis Ave Suite A2, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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We Ate Everything @ Fitbites & Here's What We Like Best