Are You Drinking Healthy Or Safe Water? What’s The Difference? Level Up @ Water Station

Water Station in Fountain Valley wants you to have the healthiest water. Sure tap water is safe to drink by city standards, but is it healthy? When you come to Water Station you can learn all about water, where it comes from, the differences and finding the best water for you, your pets and your garden.

Health and nutrition is constantly on everyone’s minds and somehow water got left behind! There IS a difference between safe and healthy water, and most likely you won’t feel it until many, many years later into drinking tap water. Why not put the same thought into drinking healthy water that you do for your food?

? 1. Define Your Lifestyle

Finding the right type of water is exactly like finding the right type of food. It depends on your lifestyle. Come in to Water Station and let the staff help you find the right type of pH water for you. Are you more active or sedentary? What age range do you fall in? Lastly you can define your lifestyle with any illness or symptoms you may have or goals with you want to achieve with your health. Also don’t forget about your pets!

? 2. Find Your pH

The human body is constantly adjusting it’s pH and will normally settle around 7.4 pH. The Fountain Valley Public Works Water Quality Report states that tap water has a pH between 6 and 8.5. Depending on how you define your lifestyle will determine the pH that is right for you.

Did you know that it takes 2 gallons of tap water to make 1 gallon of reverse osmosis water? This water, which is now acidic, can be re purposed into ‘Beauty Water’ that you can rub over your skin for a glow. Plants also require a lot of acidity and can be fed using the “waste water” from the reverse osmosis process. Can you get this at Water Station? YES!

? 3. Feel The Difference

Water Station provides water with health benefits for life. Converting to healthy water has many benefits. People have claimed that their indigestion, constipation and lack of energy have decreased or disappeared after drinking healthy water consistently. Consistency is key. You don’t become healthy with a piece of asparagus, but 10 years of the green stuff sure does add up in the positive column!

Drink up!

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Are You Drinking Healthy Or Safe Water? What's The Difference? Level Up @ Water Station