Gift Yourself In 2020

?Gift Yourself Guide: Getting Ahead For New Years

Time to refresh, renew, rejoice and all those other things wrappings on water bottles say. Seriously though, it’s always a good feeling to go into the new year feeling fresh and like you actually did something in 2019.

Let’s get real, this is probably the last thing you want to be doing, but the thing you NEED to be doing. A little time now can save you big later! We’ve got an awesome insurance agent from the community, optometrists, mechanics and a one-stop shop for D.I.Y. projects. Adulting level 1000.


Insurance policy shopping, renewing and revamping can be stressful and time consuming. Let Fountain Valley’s trusted insurance agent, Leo Truong, guide you though the process quickly and easily. Doing it now means you don’t have to think about it later!


?Leo – Truong Agency?

Leo Truong opened the Truong insurance agency after excelling at other firms. He took all his experience and local Fountain Valley knowledge to make sure the Truong Agency serves Fountain Valley residents as best as possible.

Staying current on new laws, regulations and rules for Fountain Valley, you can rest assured your getting coverage perfectly suited to your life. Leo is welcoming and ready to start a new policy for young ones or revamp policies for existing coverage. Come in for a free policy review and see what you can maximize!

Get to know Leo and his team on their Facebook.

?Eye Care?️


?Ninas Optical?

Get almost any eyeglass repair $60 on the Experience FV app HERE.

Ed, the owner of Nina’s, is a master of his craft. Working as a lab manager for the largest eye wear company in the world, he took a step back for a simpler life and opened up shop in Fountain Valley.

Bringing all his skills and knowledge of the industry Ed is able to fix ALMOST ANYTHING for $60. We’re serious, try him. Bring him your worst and watch his genius go to work. He does everything in-house with his own machines to provide you a same day turn around.

Broken frames, prescription updates, lost hinges, re-fitting, sautering, blue light lenses…and on and on. Nina’s optical does it all! Check out their other services HERE.

P.S. Did we mention Nina’s has a secret stash of AMAZING vintage sunglasses?

?️Eye care Optometry?️

Get a $79 eye exam and pair of glasses with NO INSURANCE on the Experience FV app HERE.

James Truong has a variety of unique eye care services specific to Fountain Valley’s needs. Eye care Optometry offers Ortho-K, vision therapy, sports vision, computer vision treatment and Lasik referrals.

See the full list of Eye Care Optometry’s services HERE.

?Car Maintenance & Upgrades?


?Enjoying Mechanics ?

Enjoying Mechanics has FREE Roadside assistance included with any service! Get the exclusive on the Experience FV app HERE.

Enjoying Mechanics is a Fountain Valley staple for friendly, fast service. Dennis, the owner of Enjoying Mechanics, as been working in the community since 1985 and has made reliability and honesty the backbone of his shop. Call him for a free quote, troubleshooting or to check out the best warranty in Fountain Valley. (That’s guaranteed! This place has ALL the perks!)

Get to know the crew at Enjoying Mechanics on their site HERE.

?FV Tire & Auto?

FV Tire & Auto isn’t your regular auto shop. Specializing in custom trucks and accessories, their mechanics are trained to repair the worst of the worst! Bring in any car and know you’re receiving the same quality service they give their own cars.

Check out their sweet rides and services on the website HERE.



?️Floor & Decor⚒️

Floor & Decor will let your imagination go wild with interior designer dreams. With a fully stocked show room and clearly marked prices Floor & Decor is the spot to get stuff done. Drop in on a class and learn some new skills, pick up some trendy laminate and get an auto cad design of your plans.

Floor & Decor has SO. MANY. THINGS! See them all on their website here.


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?Gift Yourself Guide: Getting Ahead For New Years