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From Air Guitar to Rock Star – FV is Loving These Online Music Classes from Let There Be Rock School

The language of music translates across the world and is a driving force of connection. Remember that one song you would always listen to over and over that made you feel alive? Millions of other people felt that way too!

Musicians tell stories and you can learn how to tell your story with music at Let There Be Rock School. Learning how to play an instrument adds one more language to your self-expression and also makes you a hit at parties!

Let There Be Rock School has online Zoom classes for a no-embarrassment experience. From the comfort of your own home work out the squeaks and beats with a private lesson from LTBRS rock stars.

THE FIRST LESSON IS FREE and LTBRS is also doing online band rehearsals! Want to brush up on orchestra or band music? Simply call (657)203-4848 to book.

Rock Stars of LTBRS

The all-star team of rockers feature Jeremy Whiteley, LTBRS owner. Jeremy started playing in garage bands in high school and became a touring musician who never stopped! At LTBR School you can see him and his kids shredding together, family-style!

Ever heard of the band Devil Driver? LTBRS drum instructor is THAT guy! Austin D’Amond has been breaking sticks for over 20-years and can teach you his technique!

Lia Booth is a vocal teacher at LTBRS and her specialty is jazz. Lia started in college vocal jazz ensembles and in 2010 took her show on the road to local jazz venues across Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside. Lia currently performs with The Tony Guerrero Quintet and The Swingliners.

Pick Your Style – Stage, Band, Solo, Record

Going back to that one special song, imagine being able to play it! You can learn how to play for yourself, in a band, record an album or perform for others. Music is always for you at LTBRS.

Learn any style of voice or music. LTBRS knows rocking can come in the form of jazz, blues and pop too. The staff of 17 at LTBRS include Emmy and Grammy award winners and members from Of Mice and Men!

LTBRS has a bunch of other instructors who can guide you on your journey through rock and you can meet them here. LTBRS also has different programs so you can get exactly what you need. We recommend checking out their Rock Star Boot Camp!

Now that you know the first lesson is free, there’s no embarrassment, you don’t have to leave your house AND you’re going to meet a rock star….what are you waiting for? Everyone has a musician inside them and now is the perfect time to let it rock!

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From Air Guitar to Rock Star - FV is Loving These Online Music Classes from Let There Be Rock School