4 Ways To Find Out If You’re A #Bad Influence

4 Ways To Find Out If You’re A #Bad Influence

Remember that one friend who convinced you to get a random tattoo and your mom said “he’s a bad influence!” That’s how this shop got it’s name. Bad Influence Tattoo knows this situation is still going to happen so they make sure they’re artists produce tattoos you’ll never regret!

If you have a great tattoo story leave it in the comments!

1) 🎨BOGO Tattoos🎨

In the tattoo world doing a bogo tat is unheard of! Bad Influence Tattoo wants to give back to the Love Local Community by offering a buy one tat get one free until January 31st!

The best part? These certificates are UNLIMITED! That’s right! Perfect for filler, a large piece or giving to friends. This deal is amazing!

Download the Experience FV app HERE to get BOGO tattoos!

2) 🎨Roots🎨

Bad Influence Tattoo opened in 2003 and is widely known in the Vietnamese community. They have return clients from all over the world come to their shop to get inked by their exclusive artists!

Bad Influence Tattoo is more than a tattoo shop! Giving back to the community is built into the shops DNA. On the last Friday of every month they host a Paint ‘N Sip where one of their artists teach you how to create on canvas! The shops portion of proceeds goes to charity drives. Bad Influence Tattoo also gives back through Operation Be Kind.

3) 🎨Premium Tattoos🎨

The owner Bob is friendly and extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you’re already covered or it’s your first time – Bad Influence Tattoo has your back.

Stop in and get a consult, flip through their look books and enjoy the hum of tattoo guns. The shop is clean and modern with state of the art equipment and tons of good vibes.

“We have advanced technology using rotary machines. They’re quiet, consistent and efficient. The technology has to catch up to me! I’m so fast I burn out the machines!,” Bob laughs.

Download the Experience FV app HERE to get BOGO tattoos!

4) 🎨Artists🎨

Bad Influence Tattoo hires the best artists with a wide variety of skills. Cover ups, portraits, realism, illustrative, abstract, watercolor and more. Whatever style you like Bad Influence can rock it! Meet their top three artists below.

Download the Experience FV app HERE to get BOGO tattoos!

Bob Nguyen

Bob is the owner of Bad Influence Tattoo and has over 20-years experience behind a tattoo gun. Bob Nguyen has earned the reputation as a well-versed artist, who can adapt and excel in any tattoo style. 

Bob can tackle any tattoo and walk you through it step by step. His primary goal is to make sure you love your art!

“We’ll rise to the challenge,” Bob said, with a big smile on his face.

Bobby Nguyen

Emphasis: All styles with focus on new school, watercolor and surrealism.

Bobby has one-year of tattooing experience and while he is still young in his career he has over five-years of artistry skills which include airbrush, watercolor, charcoal, graphite and pencil illustration.

Watercolor tattoo by Bobby Nguyen at Bad Influence Tattoo.


Emphasis: Black and gray, Asian arts and color tattoos. Aaron has a light hand and pays extreme attention to details.

Aaron is known for his empathetic nature which gives him the ability to turn clients’ ideas into reality. Many years of tattooing and a huge working experience in providing customer service, consulting on design, body placement and good interpersonal skills has earned Aaron a prime spot at Bad Influence Tattoo.

Black and grey tattoo by Aaron from Bad Influence Tattoo.

See you in the chair!

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4 Ways To Find Out If You're A #Bad Influence