Go To Rock Star Boot Camp W/ Grammy & American Idol Winners

Let There Be Rock School in Fountain Valley is every musicians dream! If you ever wanted to be a rock star, join a band, record an album or play an instrument this is the place to come. Shower singers and car drummers welcome, the more air guitar the better! Am I the only one who plays air-sax? It’s never too late to live your dreams and Let There Be Rock School can help you get over stage fears and the awkwardness of doing something new.

Any style, any body any age, music is for life and Let There Be Rock School wants everyone to love music just as much as they do. The youngest rocker on stage is 5-years-old and the oldest late 50’s! Oh, did we mention you can learn to record from a double Grammy award winner and take voice lessons with an American Idol winner. WHAT?!?


Rock star Boot Camp

Step into your garage band and learn how to make a rock persona, develop stage presence, jam out, book a gig and PLAY LIVE ON STAGE! Your “garage” is a two-story music getaway. Practice rooms, band rooms, rock star lounges, instruments and a stage! Way better than your average tour bus, and close to home.


Learn an instrument

Learn to play guitar, bass, keys and drums or learn to sing with an American Idol winner! Let There Be Rock School offers 30 and 60-minute lessons in private practice rooms with any of their instructors. If you already know how to play you can grow your skills and squad up with other rockers at your skill level to jam out with!


Join a band

Once you have the chops you can join a band with other students in your skill level. All the greats have band stories for days and through a band’s discography you can hear growth and variation in long-lasting music. Jamming with others will help you develop a keen ear, new styles and the ability to improv like a legend! Currently Let There Be Rock School has three bands: Game Over, B.O.B., and Motherboard.


Perform on stage

Part of the rock star experience is playing on stage. Let There Be Rock School has a full sized stage in-house with lighting, sound and space for an audience. Instructors will help you get over stage fright, develop your rock persona and work on stage presence by practicing on the school stage. Once you’re rocker ready Let There Be Rock School will BOOK A LIVE GIG AT A REAL VENUE! That’s right. You’re band will PLAY LIVE at a show you can invite all your friends and family too!


Record a studio album

Once you escape the paparazzi and everyone stops asking for your autograph you can step into the studio to cut an album. Here you can work with a double Grammy award winning producer to learn studio dynamics, how to work with a record producer and record your original or cover content. If you want to learn how to work the boards you can also train on the technical side of studio recording. Once you’re done recording you get a copy of your album to keep and share!


You made it through boot camp and now you’re ready to rock! Don’t be intimidated! Let There Be Rock School is for everyone and works hard to create an awesome atmosphere of music and friendship. For more information on Let There Be Rock School check out their website HERE.


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Go To Rock Star Boot Camp W/ Grammy & American Idol Winners