4 Types Of Massage You Need To Know About

You don’t have to wait until you’re already stressed to practice self-care! There’s so many options to treat yo self and one of our favorites here at CTY611 is massage. We caught up with Erin Rustvold from Studio 8744, a massage therapist with 18-years experience under belt to walk us through the benefits of massage, her four favorite techniques and how to customize one for your body!

Trigger Point

One of the more popular techniques is trigger point massage. Trigger points are constricted areas in the muscle that cause pain in other parts of the body. Erin uses coconut oil and aromatherapy to loosen muscles and minds while practicing this technique. A massage therapist will apply pressure on the trigger points to release the muscle and alleviate pain.


The main difference between oncology and traditional techniques is oncology massage is aimed to make light connections with tissue. Traditional massage moves fluid and blood through the body. Oncology massage is for those going through or recovering from cancer and is very soothing and gentle . This technique has its own certification through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.


Geriatric massage is one of Erin’s favorite to practice. She started massage as a way to get her through college and after graduation kept doing what she loves – helping people. Erin uses geriatric massage to relieve depression, reduce arthritis pain, increase joint mobility, improve balance and flexibility, increase blood circulation, and improve posture. Typically geriatric massage uses long gentle strokes, passive stretching and light pressure.


Sports massage is for all ranges of athletes and uses specific techniques targeted to individual sports. Erin worked in a physical therapy office dealing prominently with injury and sports complications. She’s brought her knowledge to Studio 8744 so many can have access to this type of massage. Sports massage focuses on muscle-tendon junctions and helps with recovery, myofascial stress, range of motion, swelling, flexibility and injury prevention.

Customize your experience

Whatever you like Erin can walk you through intake and customize a massage for any body. There are so many techniques not listed above that can be explained in-depth during a massage intake. To customize a massage you start with identifying the different parts of the body you want worked on. Extremities often can be treated differently than the center of the body.

Once you know where you would like to be massaged you can identify pain levels and origins. The massage therapist can help you find and describe pain and see where it affects other parts of the body.

Your area of pain, level and origin can determine what type of technique you want to use. Some people like deep and short strokes and others like a more calming feathery approach. *Breathe in* Exhale *Breathe out* ahhhh much better!

Check out the photos below of Erin at Studio 8744 and don’t miss her awesome massage offers on the ExperienceFV app.

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4 Types Of Massage You Need To Know About