Psst…You & your BFF can get an in-home cooking class for less than $200! 3 reasons to try

If you’re like me and can’t boil water, or like Carrie Bradshaw and keep sweaters in your oven, Chef Marla McGee is your savior! Marla has an in-home cooking class and will come to your house, grocery shop for you, teach you how to make WHATEVER you want and then help cleanup and leave. (So you can eat your fifth cheese roll in peace.)

1) ūüí≤200.....Seriously.

Seriously though chef Marla McGee will come to your house, teach you how to cook a meal AND teach you how clean up food waste for under $200. Prices start at $35 per hour with a three hour minimum for one person. Each additional person (up to 6) is $5 per hour, per person. Plus the cost of food. That’s a killer deal! Midnight snacking sessions have caused more financial damage than $35. Cheese is expensive, no shame.

2) Cook ANYTHING you want...and let Marla do the shopping.

Seafood paella,¬†arepas,¬†pierogies, curry,¬†¬†pho, bread, pastries, there’s too much to list! Marla can teach you how to make any ethnicity of food. Oh and don’t stress on ingredients or shopping, or taking off your pajamas. Chef Marla McGee shops for you! Just choose the dishes you would like to learn and she will bring all ingredients with her to your home.¬†

3) Re-live the memories every time you cook the dish.

Most everyone has a memory of being surrounded by loved ones while chowing down on some comfort food. Cooking and food has long been embedded in human relationships and is often used as a cultural thread to initiate sharing. How cool is it to create and learn with your bestie then get to share insta-worthy pics of your memories while feasting on your new fave food?! #jelly 

Check out Chef Marla McGee’s Instagram and book your holiday parties today.

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Psst...You & your BFF can get an in-home cooking class for less than $200! 3 reasons to try