Grocery Outlet: Shop Overstock. Save Money.

Grocery Outlet came to Fountain Valley this year and offers unique products at slashed prices. Owners, Michael and Stephanie Hohertz opened the store in January as a way for their family to spend more time together and offer the community a budget-friendly market. “As a mom I always had to do the candy, the costumes, all the junk for the school parties. It’s nice to be able to shop on a budget because everybody in California is on a budget,” owner Stephanie said.

Grocery Outlet supplies overstock items, hard-to-find items and seasonal as well as apparel and alcohol. “It’s not really aftermarket. A lot of these things are overstock that are pulled out that our suppliers are getting really good buys on. it’s kind of a unique niche,” owner Michael said.

Saturdays are the best day to come for new items as all products are stocked Friday night.

“It’s the treasure hunt of it. My mom loves going to TJ Maxx and I thought that was really cool. We’re not going to have the same things every day,” Stephanie said.

To be obsessed with fresh is an accurate description of how the Hohertz’ like to run their store. Grocery Outlet receives four shipments ofproduce a week as well as two shipments a week of meats, dairy, and deli products. A former produce manager at Walmart, Michael transitioned into owning his family’s’ store with confidence.

When you visit the store you’ll most likely see Stephanie walking around greeting customers and inspecting items for quality.Stephanie favorite part is her connection to the community. “The best part of it for me is the relationship were building with the customers. They come and they tell us oh my gosh I absolutely love that can you get more? Hours of our day were out on the floor meeting the community, which is really cool,” Stephanie said.

She also listens to her customers. Salmon steaks weren’t selling because the portions were too big. Stephanie worked out a deal with the manufacturer to receive smaller portions in her community’s price point. Now her customers sell out her salmon.

Michaels favorite part of running the store is ordering new products. “The cool thing is that every day, whenever we order, you see new stuff. It’s exciting for me because I know I’m that I’m bringing in a product that people will be like ‘wow this amazing! Where did y’all get this?’ And I get to decide how much do we get to bring in and how much can I bring in,” said Michael.

50 wines under $50 at Grocery Outlet.

No matter what day you stop by Grocery Outlet will have something fresh, new and exciting. 50 wines under $5 doesn’t hurt either.

Located at: 18920 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 // 714-500-2295

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Grocery Outlet: Shop Overstock. Save Money.