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Golden Valley Energy was started by Clint and Alex Williams in the spring of 2017. GVE was born from an idea that “more options for our customers means more deals for our reps.” With that notion in mind we went to work partnering with 3 of the 5 largest, and some of the highest rated companies in the Solar Industry companies that include Infinity Energy, SunNova Energy, SunRun, and Vivint Solar.

Clint and Alex have spent the majority of their adult lives teaching people how to live more fulfilled lives while also creating financial freedom and a better lifestyle for themselves and for their families. We continue to evolve the business on an almost daily basis, to be more efficient and more focused on what makes us successful and we know that’s you!

If you’ve come to GVE looking to join a fun fast paced work environment then welcome! If you’ve come to look into how to have a more affordable and predictable option for your electricity we’d be happy to help find the solution that’s a perfect fit just for you.

Either way we think Saving The Planet looks good on you!!

Summary: Golden Valley Energy – Saving The Planet Looks Good On You
17272 Newhope St 92708
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