An Olympian Leads the Charge to a Gold Medal

An Olympian Leads the Charge to a Gold Medal

It was a clean sweep as Greg Whitfield and Roxanne Pierce were able to secure a gold medal in the Western Regional Pickleball Tournament on Wednesday after 11-2-2 and 11-6-1 victories. Pierce is better known for her time competing in the 1972 Olympics as a gymnast for the U.S.A.

On this day, she and Whitfield worked seamlessly together to secure two wins, and a trip to the National Pickleball Finals. The best part of this: this was their first time playing together.

“When they asked me if I wanted to play with Roxanne Pierce, I said gladly,” said Whitfield complimenting Pierce.

Anytime a shot came their way, Whitfield set it up and placed the angles correctly, and Pierce was able to ace the shots back in the other direction, forming a perfect mix.

“When you have two players who know how to play and play well, chemistry is secondary to skill level,” Whitfield added.

Their next match will take place on October 14, which is Pierce’s birthday.

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Krissy Wilcox

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An Olympian Leads the Charge to a Gold Medal