Dec. 6-8The Creche Christmas Festival Dec. 7FV Tree Lighting Ceremony Dec. 10 Sunset Hike @ Mile Square Park Dec. 12Senior Holiday Luncheon @ The Center at Founders Village Dec. 14Christmas in the Gazebo @ Heritage Park. Dec. 17 Board Installation & Holiday Luncheon Dec. 21Christmas Concert @ Mile

Hey neighbors, it's us again, Experience FV. We wanted to share the good news about our contribution and sponsorship with the Fountain Valley Food & Wine event and the great amount raised for the Fountain Valley Fire Department P.R.E.P. program. The Fountain Valley Food & Wine Festival promised to donate 40% of it's proceeds to the Fountain Valley Fire Department P.R.E.P. program. The P.R.E.P. program received $10,000. The Fountain Valley Restaurant Association received $15,000. Non-profit organizations including the FV Community Foundation, FV Chamber of Commerce, Asian Business Association of Orange County and the FV School Foundation received $7,760 between them. The event

Hi neighbors, this is Experience FV dropping in to say Happy Holidays! We're the official guide to the city AND we have an app where you can get A TON of awesome deals, stay connected to city events and discover the hottest and newest things in Fountain Valley. What are you waiting for? It's free and you can download it HERE. 1. You and your phone can truly make a difference. When you shop local and help support a small businesses. You're not only helping stimulate the local economy but you're helping business owners provide for their family. 2. On a

Water Station in Fountain Valley wants you to have the healthiest water. Sure tap water is safe to drink by city standards, but is it healthy? When you come to Water Station you can learn all about water, where it comes from, the differences and finding the best water for you, your pets and your garden. Health and nutrition is constantly on everyone's minds and somehow water got left behind! There IS a difference between safe and healthy water, and most likely you won't feel it until many, many years later into drinking tap water. Why not put the same

Rollin' Creamery came to Fountain Valley after a trip to Thailand. Inspired by the sweets and desserts of traditional Thai cuisine, the owners of Rollin' Creamery decided to bring the concept to orange County. Use the Experience FV app HERE and get $100 off your catering order! 1. Come For The Show Rollin' Creamery is an experience. Watch your ice cream transform from a liquid to a solid in front of your eyes! Purely from scratch you know you're getting the best ingredients customized for you. 2. Unique Flavors Ever tried ube or Vietnamese coffee ice cream? How about mango chamoy or black

Eye Care Optometry in Fountain Valley has an AMAZING deal. If you can't read this right now, head on over and pick up your $89 glasses. ( $79 when you redeem the offer on the ExperienceFV app.) If you can read this, continue for other great reasons to visit Dr. Truong at Eye Care Optometry Fountain Valley. ? Dr. James Truong Dr. James Truong. As a licensed optometrist, Dr. Truong provides exams, diagnoses, and treatments of all disorders that affect the eye or vision. In addition to training in eye diseases and disorders, Dr. Truong is also trained in anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology.

Yup! This is not clickbait, if you speed walk over to Grocery Outlet you can enjoy a FREE pumpkin pie or pecan pie with the purchase of another! But the sweet sizzling deals don't end there! Need a roasting pan? BOOM! Get you one for just $6.99 Grocery Outlet has got your back. Scoop one up for $6.99. Trust us, this isn't some rinky-dink pan. This is a heavy duty pan that you can use for years to come! IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Get $10 off their frozen turkeys! Yup Yup Yup! Swing on in and get $10 off their

Fountain Valley Tire & Auto specializes in repairs and customization from true mechanics. We checked in with them for the best ways to prep our cars for winter. A dedicated member of the Fountain Valley community, FV Tire & Auto has supported music programs, sports programs and the Fountain Valley Car Show. We're sure you've seen some of their sweet rides on the streets of Fountain Valley! Read below to learn how to winterize your car. Brakes Check brake pads with an inspection at Fountain Valley Tire & Auto. Brake pads are good for about 25,000 to 60,000 miles and are

Did you know curry has a home other than India? WaShock has brought Japanese curry to Fountain Valley. WaShock has only been open a few months but already has the best curry and happy hour in town. There's tons of free parking and the best part? Giant screen TV's to enjoy a low-key evening. WaShock's Japanese curry. In Japan curry is a popular dish with history back to 1870! While both curry's are loved worldwide there are a few key differences distinguishing the two. Read below to find out! ?Japanese Curry? Japanese curry has a few traditional base ingredients: onions, carrots, potatoes, meat