Fountain Valley's Taste of Fountain Valley has been nominated for the Business Retention And Expansion category at the 'Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet awards.' The Orange County Business Council will be holding awards November 20 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at The Center in Costa Mesa. "OCBC will present awards in various categories to OC’s public agencies for programs that cut through red tape and open the door for business growth and success." According to OCBC, "OCBC will recognize six outstanding public agencies who are proactively cutting through the red tape and opening the door for business. For

Fountain Valley's yoga fanatics have very few options to practice in the city. Here's the top 5 studios we found to help focus your drishti, practice your mudra's and align your chakras. Wildside Yoga - Big Schedule View this post on Instagram A few more shots of the group from Fri yoga with @heatherparksyoga @wildsidechubbyyogi #yoga #bestyogastudio A post shared by Kimberly (Worl) Blank (@misskimberlynn) on Apr 15, 2018 at 11:41am PDT Remix Yoga - Variety

Three meteor showers, the Southern Taurids, Orionids and Northern Taurids, are all popping off in the sky! The Taurids are notorious for their fireballs and the Orionids remnants come from Halley's comet. What is a meteor? NASA defines meteors and showers as " A meteor is a space rock—or meteoroid—that enters Earth's atmosphere. As the space rock falls toward Earth, the resistance—or drag—of the air on the rock makes it extremely hot. What we see is a "shooting star." That bright streak is not actually the rock, but rather the glowing hot air as the hot rock zips through the atmosphere.

This is THE season for spooks and we've got an awesome list of underground flix guaranteed to satisfy your darkness. These truly hideous finds are broken down into sub categories by type and each category has rating of 1-5 skulls for intensity level. Don't forget to decom! Fluffy bunnies and old Puppy Bowl videos usually work for us! ? - You can sit through the whole thing.?? - You might have to look away for some parts. ??? - You might need to take breaks.???? - For high horror tolerances. Horror Comedy -

Walk into Nina's Optical and owner Ed will give you a wave and a smile. Once a lab manager for the worlds largest eye brand, you can bring him anything and he can fix it or he'll try. A true master of his craft Ed has his own machines, does his own welding and has a KILLER stash of vintage glasses! Taking over Nina's Optical 2-years ago, Ed has given the store a great reputation. #1 on Yelp and Google, Nina's Optical has become a recommended spot from Costco for tragic glasses repair cases they can't fix. Ed is the

Dennis Smartt had one goal when he bought Enjoying Mechanics in 2004 - to make Enjoying Mechanics a full service, return customer shop based on trust. Dennis previously worked for Enjoying Mechanics from 1985 to 1990 and then opened his own shop. Once the owner of Enjoying Mechanics was ready to retire Dennis stepped back in with all the knowledge needed to make the shop thrive. 30-years later he has succeeded in his mission and his shop is AAA and Costco approved and rated 5 stars on Yelp and SureCritic.

Let There Be Rock School in Fountain Valley is every musicians dream! If you ever wanted to be a rock star, join a band, record an album or play an instrument this is the place to come. Shower singers and car drummers welcome, the more air guitar the better! Am I the only one who plays air-sax? It's never too late to live your dreams and Let There Be Rock School can help you get over stage fears and the awkwardness of doing something new. Any style, any body any age, music is for life and Let

You don't have to wait until you're already stressed to practice self-care! There's so many options to treat yo self and one of our favorites here at CTY611 is massage. We caught up with Erin Rustvold from Studio 8744, a massage therapist with 18-years experience under belt to walk us through the benefits of massage, her four favorite techniques and how to customize one for your body! Trigger Point One of the more popular techniques is trigger point massage. Trigger points are constricted areas in the muscle that cause pain in other parts of the body. Erin uses coconut