So what is a Portuguese egg tart? You mean these cute flaky nuggets of joy!!!!!!!!!! Here is why you need one in your mouth STAT!!!! 1) Paderia Bakehouse in Fountain Valley is THE ONLY shop to make traditional Portuguese egg tarts in California! Which is not to be confused with a Chinese egg tart, Paderia ensures authenticity! We promise! View this post on Instagram Add a dash of cinnamon onto the Portuguese Egg Tarts and you’ll get whole new experience ? Anyone like

Football season is here and ExperienceFV has your back! We’ve found the best three places in Fountain Valley to enjoy Monday Night Football, friends, great food and drinks!http:// via GIPHY 3) Marie Callender's This is not the place you would expect to be on this list! Marie Callender’s is known for their pies and brunch. However, what most don’t know is that Marie Callender’s has a full bar, big screen TV’s and actively shows Monday Night Football every game during the NFL

The I-405 Improvement Project has shut down Magnolia Street bridge and Edinger Avenue bridge since early 2018. Affected businesses in Fountain Valley are hoping to ride out the traffic drought to 2023. The projection plan expects opening the bridges in 2023 but has an open extension for completion. Bridge closures mean a loss of vehicle and foot traffic for surrounding businesses. Fountain Valley’s long-standing brick and mortars that contribute to the local economy and community are suffering from a loss of customers. What used to be the businesses busiest hours are now dead-zones due to the blocked roads and lack of access. Don’t forget about your neighborhood shops. Fountain Valley local businesses

1st Class Cleaners is conquering the dry-cleaning business one customer at a time.  The journey started when she was just 15-years-old. Sharon Graham was looking for a job, any job. She wanted to work, but always had a knack for clothes.   “I went to university and high school in Irvine and I walked down to look for a job in the shopping center because I wasn’t driving, and I went into Albertsons and they didn’t want to hire me as a box girl so I got a job as a dry cleaner on campus,” she said.   First Class Cleaners

Spoons serves up food in style inside the Aryes Hotel & Suites in Fountain Valley. When you walk into the Ayre’s Hotel, you notice a very eloquent building with an exquisite design. A quaint and intriguing restaurant, Spoons Bar and Grill wants you to know anyone can dine here! Spoons serves up a solid mix of appetizing foods and savory drinks that will make it a blueprint for events in Fountain Valley.  Throughout the year, their busiest time of business occurs during Happy Hour, which is between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Some of their most popular items include buffalo wings, chicken tenders

It was a clean sweep as Greg Whitfield and Roxanne Pierce were able to secure a gold medal in the Western Regional Pickleball Tournament on Wednesday after 11-2-2 and 11-6-1 victories. Pierce is better known for her time competing in the 1972 Olympics as a gymnast for the U.S.A. On this day, she and Whitfield worked seamlessly together to secure two wins, and a trip to the National Pickleball Finals. The best part of this: this was their first time playing together. “When they asked me if I wanted to play with Roxanne Pierce, I said gladly,” said Whitfield complimenting Pierce. Anytime a shot came their way, Whitfield set it

Silky Sullivan’s celebrates 35-years of Food, drinks and sports . When Dan Madden, Bill Madden and Rob Robertson opened Silky Sullivan’s in 1984 they didn't know their joint would become a trailblazer for many of the like in the Fountain Valley area. “We were the first place in Orange County to serve buffalo hot wings in 1984,” Dan Madden, owner, recalled.  Pat McMullen was a big customer at Silky Sullivan’s. He was also from Buffalo, where the original recipe for buffalo chicken wings came from. McMullen could get the original recipe sent from Buffalo for Silky

Harry Kechejian, owner of Kech Cafe. Kech Café popped-up inside Shell gas station seven-years ago with a mission to serve fresh food in a convenience atmosphere. Since its inception, Kech has been featured in the LA Times and named Yelps Top 100 Places to Eat in 2015 and 2018. The owner has no plans of slowing down. Harry Kechejian opened his Armenian-Lebanese cafe with the help of his mother and old family recipes. “Armenian food uses lemon, vinegar and olive oil as a base,” Kechejian explains. Traditional Armenian-Lebanese fare is prepared in front of you with homemade, fresh ingredients. “The

So what it is Pickleball? Fountain Valley is hosting a 1200-person Pickleball tournament on September 18-23 in Mile Square Park. ExperienceFV – CTY 611 has partnered with the USA Pickleball Association for their West Regional Tour as the official city tour guide for guests and locals! Check out the app for exclusive offers from the city’s best businesses! Pickleball has traditionally been under the radar. All that has changed as it gains traction across the United States. The sport stands out from its predecessors by offering inclusivity. Matches between 80-year-olds and 10-year-olds are the norm with every category in-between. Played using a paddle and a